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Hi there! We are David and Tatiana and we want to tell you our story.

Nature and traves are our two big passions. Many years we were working in active tourism in Georgia. Together with our guests we crossed the country numerous of times, walked through the mountains, rode on horse backs, flew through on air-balloon and even helicopters.

But every time whenever we were back to our family village Mlashe its beauty and calmness striked us. David’s family owns this land over 300 years and he has spent here all his childhood.

In 2019 we took decision to move there from Tbilisi, following our dream to plant a garden and build a tavern. Tavern, where all food will be cooked only from fresh local eco-products.

Visit us for lunch, for a nice walk around, to watch late afternoon sunlights, flame in the fireplace. Visit us for a good talk or a moment of silence. There is something for everyone. Any kind of activity for every taste can be found here.


Our mission is support and development of our village Mlashe, protection of its ecosystem. Salty Garden provides working places to local people, therefore they won’t leave the village in search of the other job.

Traditional crafts are valuable resources that need to be protected. 

We have already employed two Mlashe’s families and some more are providing us veggies, fresh milk and meat.

All veggies and fruits are growing with no use of pesticides, accordingly newest bio standards. The waste is recycling. 

Now Mlashe is a place to be.


Following the ruralisation process has become a very natural process for us. Born and raised in the big cities people are moving back to the villages. Here, on your piece of  land you start appreciating a real pace of life, noticing season changes, clearly understanding what is really important. That is why slow food is a very important part of our cuisine.